Miami Pizza School | Art of making, love for eating
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About Us

People are the most treasured talent in the world. Miami Pizza School not only respects individuals, yet, we value their quality, honesty and grind for success. We believe that by bringing people together, and by engaging the group, we will all accomplish extraordinary things.


Who we are


Renato Viola is one of Italy’s best Master Pizza Chefs in the world and a proud member of the Italian Acrobatic Pizza Team. Renato is a trained Pizza Instructor and has taught tons of people and chefs, while providing precious advices to other pizzerias, as they approach their grand openings. Our World-Renowned Chef Renato will inspire guests to use the very best ingredients to make the very best quality pizza.

We invest and concentrate truly in choosing the right people.

Spending the right amount of time in training, and understanding the customers’ needs and wants is fundamental to meet and exceed their expectations and useful for the company’s growth.




Classes are for amateur clients that are enthusiastic to learn the art of making a good pizza.

It will be structured with a professional chef leading the class. Explanations will be simple and concise, yet with a professional taste. Hygiene is crucial, and the working materials are of the highest quality.

Clients will not get a chef license out of the class, nevertheless, they come out with a unique experience and with the ability of making the best possible pizza at home. Classes will last around 3 hours. After the class clients are more than welcome to enjoy their masterpiece onsite together with the other students.



$165 individual
$295 two persons


Each class has a limit of 12 people


Class hours: from 7pm to 10pm


With this class you will get a chef’s hat and an apron to bring home.

During the class, water, sodas, beer and wine are complimentary.

At the end of the class you will receive a certificate of accomplishment signed by master pizza chef Renato Viola.

*only children 15 years+ can participate in the class

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